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Couples Ceremonies

Are there any restrictions on where our ceremony can be held?

​Not at all. You can have your ceremony wherever you like, although I may need some persuasion if any serious heights are involved!!

Do we need to be married legally before our ceremony with you?

If you would like to book a Wedding Celebration Ceremony or Renewal of Vows then yes; prior legal marriage is necessary, at any point before the ceremony. If you would prefer not to marry legally then you can choose a Commitment Ceremony instead. The wording will be slightly different in places but this doesn't make it any less important. Rings and vows can still be exchanged too. 

How much religious content will you allow in a ceremony? 

The amount of religious content you wish to include is completely up to you. Registry offices are unable to allow any religious content whatsoever due to their legal restrictions, (including hymns and music originally written for praise) whereas with a Celebrant leading the ceremony you really can include what you feel is right for you both. Couples may come from different religious backgrounds and may wish to entwine elements from both faiths in their ceremony. This can make a ceremony even more unique!

Can we have a completely non-religious ceremony?

Yes. A secular ceremony can be incredibly memorable and touching. Guests who may have been slightly sceptical about such a ceremony are often the first to comment on how much they enjoyed it. 

Can we write parts of the ceremony ourselves?

Yes.Your ceremony is yours.You might want to write your own vows or a poem for one another. If you would like to do this but are worried about reading it yourself on the day, I can always include your words into the script. 

Are you willing to travel?

Absolutely. There are some wonderful locations both in the UK and abroad which I would love to discover!

Is it possible to conduct a public ceremony if we previously married each other in private?

If you were previously married in private then nobody needs to know that at your celebration unless you want them to. We can word the ceremony so that your secret is safe. 

Naming Ceremonies

Where can we hold a naming ceremony?

Naming Ceremonies can be held wherever you feel is appropriate for you. Your own home, a garden, a hotel or a village hall can all make great venues!

Can we include religious content?

Yes. A bible reading or religious piece of music can easily be included in the ceremony. If you would prefer to have a completely non-religious naming ceremony then this is also fine. It is entirely up to you how you want to welcome your child!

If we decide to have a non-religious ceremony, can we still appoint Godparents?

​Of course! Many people choose to call them 'Supporting Adults' in a secular ceremony. Parents, Godparents, Supporting Adults and sometimes Grandparents can make promises to the child as part of the ceremony. 

What about including our other children or step-children?

Naming Ceremonies are a great opportunity to include siblings and to let them play a part in the ceremony. They could read a poem or take part in a symbolic act for their new family member such as a sand ceremony (individual glasses or cups of sand are combined into a larger vessel to symbolise family unity).  

Can we write parts of the ceremony ourselves?

Yes. Some parents and families choose to write their own promises to the child and some may want to write a special poem for the new life in their family. A parent, family member or friend can read these aloud at the ceremony or I can incorporate them into my script for you. 

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